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Your face is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. Help make your skin the best it can be with a facial treatment from Soul Good Beauty. We have a variety of treatments designed for different skin types and conditions

Our facial treatments are blissfully relaxing as well as one of the best ways to make your skin look its most youthful and radiant at what ever stage of life you are at.

We will happily help you decide what treatment(s) are right for you and can give you advice and recommend a skincare routine for home.

Classic Facial– 45 minutes $70

Enjoy a relaxing facial that will leave your skin radiant and soft. Double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, treatment serums, eye cream, moisturiser

Deluxe Facial– 70 minutes $80

Everything that a classic facial offers plus a blissfully relaxing face and décolletage massage.

Collagen Facial -60 minutes $80

A luxurious facial that helps to firm and tighten your skin. After a double cleanse and exfoliation, a collagen-infused mask is applied. Once removed, treatment serums are gently massaged into the skin followed by eye cream, moisturiser & SPF

Ultra Peel Treatment– 45 minutes $80

This treatment removes old skin cells to reveal more beautiful skin! Your skin will benefit from exfoliation that will improve skin radiance, texture and tone. Acne, Ageing, Pigmented and Sun damaged skin will all benefit from these treatments. Includes LED light therapy.

Ultra detox facial- 60 minute $80

This facial detoxes oily and congested skin by removing the impurities caused by excess sebum. Dead Sea salts and marine mud aids in the infusion of active ingredients.

Ultra C Facial – 60 min $80

Revitalise tired and aging skin with this vitamin C infused treatment to help lighten skin imperfections and give your skin a more lifted and plumped appearance

Ultra Brightening facial -60 min $80

This treatment lightens hyperpigmentation in the skin to help even skin tone by regulating melanin production. Skin is left feeling and looking refreshed and complexion more even.

Add on to your treatment.

Collagen Eye Lift mask $10

Face and décolletage massage- 15 minutes $15

The use of a LED beauty light therapy is added on to your facial treatment to enhance your results. Safe and effective this magic light gives results. Can be used to treat acne and congestion, inflammation and redness calmed, fine lines less noticeable, sun damage less noticeable, hyperpigmentation reduced and collagen production increased resulting in more youthful and firm skin. The perfect scientific partner with any facial. 20 mins $15

Ultra Rejuvenate Facial 75 mins $110

This anti-ageing treatment will leave your skin looking my youthful and vibrant. Fine lines minimised, sallow or dull looking skin will look brighter and more defined. Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone. Combining the benefits of 2 treatments into 1 Facial treatment as well as LED light therapy. A lactic and Glycolic peel is applied for a deep exfoliation and then vitamins A and E plus powerful anti-ageing Apple Stem Cell formula are gently infused into the skin by a cooling and anti-inflammatory Alginate mask. This treatment is the ultimate non-invasive age defying treatment or equally amazing on all skin types that want to glow!

Ultra Rejuv and Detox Facial 75 mins $110

This treatment will help to clear acne and problematic skin combining 2 effective treatments to effectively target acne. The skin is deeply exfoliated using a lactic or a glycolic peel or a combination of both to effectively remove dead skin cells revealing fresh skin then the use of the LED light in blue light effectively kills bacteria and red light to soothe inflammation. High concentration of Vit B3 serum is infused into the skin by a soothing alginate mask made of dead sea salts, marine mud and tea tree to soothe, detoxify and sooth.